Chub Frank Happy To Be Racing Close To Home This Weekend After A Rainy Trip To Midwest

BEAR LAKE, PA – Chub Frank is very happy to be racing close to home this weekend.

The 47-year-old veteran known as ‘Chubzilla’ is spending three days (Sept. 24-26) at McKean County Raceway in East Smethport, Pa., a one-third-mile oval just an hour-and-a-half drive from his shop in Bear Lake, Pa. He’ll compete in the United Dirt Late Model Series (ULMS) McKean County Raceway Fall Classic, which is highlighted by the $12,000-to-win Priority Care RaceFAN 50 on Saturday night (Sept. 26).

Chub’s weekend on virtual home turf comes after he experienced a frustrating, rain-plagued trip to the Midwest last weekend. He had a three-race weekend on his schedule, but Mother Nature only allowed him to run one event.

While Chub’s plans to run a pair of World of Outlaws Late Model Series shows – the Pepsi Nationals on Sept. 19 at I-55 Raceway in Pevely, Mo., and the Best Western Illinois Fall Nationals on Sept. 20 at La Salle (Ill.) Speedway – were wiped out because rain forced the cancelation of both programs before cars even hit the track, Chub did see action on Friday night (Sept. 18) at Tri-City Speedway in Pontoon Beach, Ill.

Driving his Corry Rubber/Lake Shore Paving/Hino Toyota/All-Star Performance/Corry Laser/Slavic Corporation/Custom Race Engines/GW Performance Chevrolet Impala SS Rocket Chassis No. 1*, Chub scored a sixth-place finish in Tri-City’s unsanctioned Dodge Ram 50. He had a quiet-but-steady evening, timing 10th-fastest in qualifying and finishing third in a heat race20before just falling short of a top-five run.

Chub, who sits seventh in the WoO LMS points standings with just three events at The Dirt Track @ Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., remaining on the 2009 schedule (Oct. 14, Nov. 5-7), is hoping for a little bit better luck this weekend at McKean County than he experienced last year. Though he finished second to his cousin Rick ‘Boom’ Briggs in the Fall Classic Finale, he rode out a hard crash into the homestretch wall during the previous night’s preliminary competition after a piece of debris flew into his cockpit and contacted his helmet hard enough to momentarily knock him out.


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