Bubba Raceway Park - Quick Results

2/15/15 - Bubba Raceway Park - Bubba Army Winter Nationals

1. (3) Josh Richards/50 $10,175
2. (7) Shane Clanton/50 $5,050
3. (6) Tim McCreadie/50 $3,150
4. (1) Steve Casebolt/50 $2,550
5. (13) Morgan Bagley/50 $2,1506. (21) Billy Ogle Jr./50 $1,750
7. (15) Chub Frank/50 $1,450
8. (14) Brandon Sheppard/50 $1,300
9. (9) Frank Heckenast Jr./50 $1,250
10. (5) Don O'Neal/50 $1,150
11. (11) Dennis Franklin/50 $1,100
12. (19) Eric Wells/50 $1,150
13. (2) Darrell Lanigan/50 $1,100
14. (16) Rick Eckert/50 $1,050
15. (23) Chase Junghans/50 $900
16. (18) Mark Whitener/50 $800
17. (10) Jordan Yaggy/49 $770
18. (24) Boom Briggs/49 $850
19. (22) Steve Francis/39 $830
20. (12) Ivedent Lloyd Jr./38 $700
21. (4) Brandon Overton/17 $700
22. (20) Rodney Sanders/6 $700
23. (8) Austin Kirkpatrick/6 $700
24. (17) Stormy Scott/5 $700


2/14/15 - Bubba Raceway Park - Bubba Army Winter Nationals

1. (5) Frank Heckenast Jr./50 $10,550
2. (7) Shane Clanton/50 $5,500
3. (9) Josh Richards/50 $3,150
4. (10) Darrell Lanigan/50 $3,150
5. (2) Chub Frank/50 $2,700
6. (1) Brandon Overton/50 $2,250
7. (18) Morgan Bagley/50 $1,950
8. (4) Boom Briggs/50 $1,900
9. (6) Chase Junghans/50 $1,750
10. (3) Jordan Yaggy/50 $1,400
11. (12) Steve Casebolt/50 $1,050
12. (20) Rodney Sanders/50 $1,050
13. (15) Rick Eckert/50 $1,600
14. (8) Austin Kirkpatrick/50 $1,000.00
15. (23) Eric Wells/49 $1,400
16. (14) Mason Zeigler/49 $800
17. (17) Dennis Franklin/49 $770
18. (16) Billy Ogle Jr./49 $750
19. (22) Tyler Clem/49 $730
20. (13) Mark Whitener/34 $700
21. (21) Bob Gardner/32 $700
22. (11) Ivedent Lloyd Jr./26 $700
23. (19) Tim McCreadie/12 $1,350
24. (24) Mike Hammerle/2 $725


2/13/15 - Bubba Raceway Park - Bubba Army Winter Nationals

1. (5) Darrell Lanigan/30
2. (2) Josh Richards/30
3. (8) Chub Frank/30
4. (3) Morgan Bagley/30
5. (7) Brandon Overton/30
6. (1) Boom Briggs/30
7. (6) Shane Clanton/30
8. (24) Tim McCreadie/30
9. (11) Mark Whitener/30
10. (15) Rick Eckert/30
11. (14) Chase Junghans/30
12. (9) Bob Gardner/30
13. (4) Eric Wells/30
14. (17) Dennis Franklin/29
15. (16) Jordan Yaggy/29
16. (20) Billy Ogle Jr./29
17. (22) David Fieber/29
18. (21) Tyler Clem/29
19. (10) Frank Heckenast Jr./14
20. (12) Steve Casebolt/13
21. (13) Austin Kirkpatrick/12
22. (18) Rodney Sanders/10
23. (19) Ivedent Lloyd Jr./3
24. (23) Mike Hammerle/3


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